Enrique Nino

Head of Human Resources

Enrique Nino is a seventeen-year-old, attending John Paul II High School as a Junior. He was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Mexico, he has traveled all over the world as he has lived in Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Dallas. He spends his time doing volunteer work in an organization called Young Men’s Service League. Enrique enjoys spending time with his family, as he knows how important family is since he only gets to see them when he travels to Mexico. His hobbies include playing tennis, as he is part of the tennis team at his high school, and he is a wakeboarding competitor. Enrique understands the value of having a family, as he considers himself very fortunate to be raised in a family where they have supported him his entire life. He wants to be able to do as much as he can to support foster children by making them feel independent and making an impact towards society.

Enrique has joined Impacktive with the desire to help foster children, as two of his cousins were previously foster children. He knows how some of this children live since he goes out every Christmas Eve with his grandmother to deliver presents and food to foster homes. Enrique’s eye’s have been opened to what foster children have to go through every day since his two cousins tell him about all the unpleasant experiences they have been through. He understands that not every child is fortunate enough to have a home or not even a bag to carry their things, that is why Enrique has joined Impacktive to make a difference in children’s lives.

enrique@impacktive.com 9729975010


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