Niko Arceo

Director of Community Outreach

Niko is 16 years old who attends and plays Varsity tennis at John Paul II High School. He enjoys spending time with friends and family. He appreciates his parents for all of the sacrifices they have made so that he may live comfortable and receive a good education. Niko is a Mexican-American boy who currently lives in Plano but has previously lived in Montreal, Canada, and Guadalajara, Mexico. He is fluent in Spanish and is currently working on his third language, French. He has a younger sister named Karina who is currently a freshman and a puppy who recently turned 1 years old by the name of Phoebe.

Niko was first introduced to the organization, Impacktive through the founder at school and was inspired by the organization’s mission to make an impact on the lives of foster children. Although he, himself has not experienced some of the stress that children in foster care go through personally, he is knowledgeable about it and wants to ensure that those children are special and deserve to put their belonging in something more humane than a plastic bag. In addition, he is passionate about this organizations mission and vision and is confident that he will make a difference by working with the impacktive team and expanding its message across the globe. Finally, he is excited about the opportunity and the future impact it will have on the children in foster care.


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