Rani Saleh

Head of Volunteer services

Rani is a 17-year-old junior at John Paul II high school. He is fluent in Arabic and speaks the language with his family at home. He enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his older brother. As a trumpet player for six years, he practices daily during his free time. Rani also enjoys reading, especially science fiction. On weekends, he chooses to volunteer at the North Texas food bank, sorting and packing food as well as helping families check out items in their south Dallas facility.

Coming from a Lebanese family, Rani visits Lebanon each summer and has witnessed, first hand, the extreme poverty the country has. He is specifically troubled by the young foster children who are forced to live in bad conditions due to the lack of funding from the government. Introduced to Impacktive by Keleigh, Rani feels he has an obligation to make an impact on the lives of foster children. Rani’s devotion aligns with Impacktive’s vision of ensuring that all foster children deserve more than just a trash bag to hold their possessions.



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